Miranda Dodson

Q: How would you describe your sound?
A: Alt-Country, Folk-POP

Q: What are your musical goals?
A: To be true to myself as an artist and make good music…first and foremost. Then it is to get this music in to as many ears as possible and build a career… do this for a living for the rest of my life. I am in it for the long-haul!

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?
A: That is a tough one… I have many, for many different reasons. But the biggest would have to be Patty Griffin. She is an incredible songwriter, turning out classic after classic….with a voice that reaches deep down in to the human soul. I want to make music that has these qualities.

Q: How does the song writing process work for you?
A: It can be different from song to song… but generally, my creativity is sparked…. it can be from a book or from someone else’s song… or even a personal experience. But something grabs my attention and I begin thinking about it…eventually a lyrical phrase comes to mind that kind of sums up what I have been thinking about and I write it down. Eventually I build up a collection of these phrases and I sit down to see what songs might come out of them….I work on melodies and sing the different phrases in different ways over the melodies and craft the song from there. Usually the strongest songs mostly come together fairly easily…the others I have to continue to work on and try not to give up on them.

Q: What is your favorite song off the album?
A: My favorite off the album is “I will be Free”… I think because it is simple and pure till then explodes in to this beautiful musical trumpet solo that really reflects the freedom that I am singing about. It, for me, is a great moment on the record.

Q: How many songs did you write and record that did not make the album?
A: Total there were 4 tunes that did not make the album…they were at various stages of production… but quickly the best tunes showed them selves and we decided to stick with the 10 best that sounded most like a collection of songs rather than try to cram a square peg…I am very please with how each tune turned out and look forward to many more recording projects in the future.