Kenny Wesley

Not only can he sing in three languages, he can sing well! Kenny Wesley is a talented musician based in DC who has played all over the world, even for numerous presidents and foreign dignitaries. We chatted a bit about his music and his goals for 2012. Make sure to head over and vote for Kenny for the chance to perform at a Maurice’s Branded showcase during SXSW & a shot to record a music video! You can vote at least once per day through January 23.

Arin: What got you into music?
Kenny: I always wanted to be a singer. But, it wasn’t until I started going to live concerts while in college and reading books about the music industry that I realized that it was a realistic goal. A lot of people (even my parents at one point in time) think that being an artist is a pipe dream – a shot in the dark. However, if you perfect your gift, read up all you can on the industry, and get out of the house and meet people something is bound to happen for you after a while.

A: How long has it taken you to be able to sing in three languages?
K: A lifetime! Just kidding! In elementary school, we sang in French all the time in those basic French classes. It took about a year or two to learn to read Spanish texts without an English accent (and when you can read in a language, you can sing in it). So, it doesn’t take as long as you’d think.

A: What language would you want to speak and sing in next?
K: Portuguese or Chinese.

A: What are your goals for 2012?
K: To get a manager; to tour overseas; to chart on Billboard; for one of my videos to play on MTV, BET and/or VH1; to collaborate with a high-profile; to get a Grammy nomination!

A: Who are your musical inspirations?
K: My family, Kurt Elling, Sly Stone, David Foster, Rachelle Ferrell, George Duke, Burt Bacharach.

A: Are there any charities you support?
K: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, random homeless folks on the street…

A: What was your most memorable concert?
K: Luther Vandross – Valentines Day, Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C.

A: If you could play any venue what would it be?
K: Prince Royal Albert Hall – London, UK.

A: If you could have music on any TV show what would it be?
K: Phineas and Ferb or American Idol.

A: How do you use social networks to talk to fans?
K: I use social media to share concert dates, cool music (from other artists), funny videos, or even my political opinions. It’s cool to be able to be able to talk to thousands of people all at once – and it puts zero strain on my voice!