Radio Silence NYC Stands Up Against Bullying

Up-and-coming rock band Radio Silence NYC have teamed up with raise awarness about tolerance in their latest music video. The video for their song “Renegade” opens with the sad reminder that 6 out of 10 American teens witness bullying at least once a day. With all of the recent instances of cruelty being reported in the media, the band’s goal with their first song is to rally teens around a message of tolerance. The music video for “Renegade” is slated for release on November 18th.

Lead singer Zach answered some questions:
Q: Many people might stereotype a rock band as people who don’t care, by helping you are defying the stereotype. What are some other things about the band that sets you apart?
A: On the music side, we think there’s a real void of relevant rock music especially on the radio. We want to take our rock sound and write lyrics that speak to issues we face as teenagers and not be afraid to stand up and talk about them. We’re hoping that people will respect that and also love the music. We have a few songs that we’re not ready to put out yet that continue to push the envelope about real issues.

Q: What are other issues teens face that you believe deserve more attention?
A: Definitely peer pressure, certain drug issues which do get attention, but also relationships, whether its just friends or a girlfriend and how to manage those ups and downs. This is stuff we deal with everyday.

Q: Other than the song, what are you doing to help with the problem?
A: This is just the first step in hopefully a number of ways we help face these problems. We’re looking to start playing at schools around the country, and not just play concerts but sit down with students and talk about issues facing them like bullying.

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