Taylor Edwards

17 year-old Taylor Edwards answered some questions for us. She can be found here on MySpace and is one to check out for sure!

Q: How did you get your start in music?
A: I first got my start in music when I was a little girl. I was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls and Brittany Spears, so growing up, they were some of my first inspirations to start singing. After I was introduced to singing, I started involving myself in any activity I could to sing in front people (talent shows, choir, musicals, etc.). Then, when I was 15, I picked up song-writing and guitar.

Q:Why do you love to sing?
A: I love to sing because it is such a release for me. I get to say things in songs that I might never say in real life. Singing gives me a creative energy I just haven’t been able to find in anything else.

Q: Who would you say your favorite artist is and what is your favorite song?
A: That is a hard one! I have so many favorites! Even though she isn’t country, I really, really love Katy Perry. My favorite song by her is probably “Mannequin” from her last album. I think the writing in that is brilliant.

Q: What TV show would you most like to write the theme song for?
A: I most definitely would be all over writing a them song for the new show “Pretty Little Liars”. Not only do I love the show and books, but also because I feel like it would be really fun to write for such a dramatic story line.

Q: What is your biggest goal with music?
A: Right now, I’d say my biggest goal would be to get a record deal. A lot of the goals I have set for myself are unachievable with out that. This dream is a stepping stone process that you can’t get to far ahead of yourself in, so it’s hard to set a ton of goals with out achieving some first. As far as my crazy, crazy goal though, I’d say it would be to win a Grammy.

Q: How can people buy your music?
A: YES! People can buy my music on amazon.com and also itunes.com. I have a single out called “Change the Surface”. All you have to do to find that would be to search “Taylor Edwards”.

Q: Who would you like to go on tour with and why?
A: I’d die to go on tour with Sugarland. Those two are honestly two of my biggest influences. I mean really, how awesome would it be to open for the people that have given you so much inspiration?! Plus, their shows are so high energy and so fun that I think it would be a total blast!